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lord of flies
@chipsnsalsa4eva i cannot, i was thinking more of the movie The Train or something like where everyone has to eat t… https://t.co/KcdG09AUAm

Admin Grup Kelurahan
@haiidew puberty hit u like a train

LaDonna Chancellor
I missed the day in graduate school where we learned how to create, train, and launch a new school concept in 10 days.😳#WeGotThis

David McCormick
@gcbetts14 @_lukegoins Coach K kind of just jumped on the one and done train probably around like 2014. Been taking… https://t.co/Ef86GTCfxz

@kamtemhakase ありがとうございます‼️ ぽしょインは気がついたら毎回恒例になってました✨

@FANFGNGST Mdrrr je te jure j’étais en train de penser la même chose

Neil Bertsch
@Marcelvanst @T_Bartman There was a long train of it in Shelby MT last week.

Benjamin Couillard
@clicjf Es-tu en train de dire qu'un certain animateur de radio et un certain médecin disaient n'importe quoi ce midi?

Chance A: Me
Saturday dusk, handsome guy in blue pullover next to me on train.. You are always in the same seat on the 08pm from… https://t.co/vtdQuAVvsg

"Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station."

Adam Piersen
@GayEqualGlobal The Founders declared an armed and trained populace necessary to the security of a free State. De… https://t.co/qQkh9G03c1

1989年に登場した、日本で最高レベルのサービスを提供する豪華寝台特急。大阪~札幌間を約21時間かけて走行する。 (「プロフェッショナル2」 EF81+24系 トワイライトEXP)

Shadowboxing The Apocalypse
@FierceFrankie1 @briebriejoy The gravy train is almost over....

Dad To The Bone
Mexican Train with the fam...only posting cuz I won ~ https://t.co/AOlANTrT9Q

Harrison Fain
Haribo hummus looking to pull their second upset of the tourney. A real David vs Goliath scenario here

When India operates #airindia for Indians in foreign. at least India should operate minimum no of passenger train… https://t.co/CKP2REu4Vi

carlos vie
Le confinement est en train de me flinguer je fais des insomnies mtn 🤦🏼‍♂️

【名前募集中】 駆け込み乗車気味で乗り込む際、電車に乗り安心感からドアの前で停止する人。そして追突される現象。

@IngrahamAngle @RaymondArroyo @DanPatrick @StephenMoore @robert_spalding @FoxNews Wow you will have anyone in to tr… https://t.co/y6t4cSuVR3

I met Ipanema’s Beach, Brasília, Curitiba, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro. Had my first flight and train. I was “aluno d… https://t.co/xqVno2hDFw