ワード:2016 FIFAクラブW杯決勝戦

「2016 FIFAクラブW杯決勝戦」は、横浜国際総合競技場で行われたFIFAクラブW杯決勝戦の鹿島アントラーズ対レアルの試合はレアルが4-2で勝利して注目を集めましたので、この2016 FIFAクラブW杯決勝戦に関連するウェブコンテンツを揃えてみました。ウェブページや動画、ツイートなどなど!

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@23Hyper23 @bruhmoment80 @KyleKulinski Oh yea. The 5-4 split for the next 20 plus years after corporatist dems tank… https://t.co/44jdpcPfsz

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David G.
My prayer is that you are right. There were enough who didn’t vote blue in 2016 to help give us orange. Fact. https://t.co/qKEfry7EG6

yosh crossing
well I guess it's time to return to my more primitive 2016-2018 phase: anti-electoral anarchist

@OtterHale @Brmiller66Brian @realDonaldTrump Yeah you tell yourself that just like in 2016.

Allah yolunda öldürülenlere ‘ölüler’ demeyiniz. Bilâkis onlar diridirler, lâkin siz anlayamazsınız. 09/04/2016… https://t.co/Jqsw1E9gHm

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@Kaoru_9021 🇺🇸は🇨🇳や🇨🇳寄りのWHOに対して激怒してますから当然ですね😈 https://t.co/G1iPiPUzVG

@mnahh2020 @relaxs_2016 @Hdhud_11 انتى أصل الذووووووووق

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The Prime Minister
@five10andagame @JoshBrunke2 @glamelegance @real_defender @realDonaldTrump He will lie, cheat, and steal just like 2016

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@NolteNC @richdiet_mel 2016 submissively bows out, and now again, although more understandably so. I think a lot a… https://t.co/PLj7LasArV

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